My First Mac an Intel Imac 17 inch Core Duo 2 GB

YouTube "Retro Review: 2006 White iMac"

Working from home, as a Willow agent (now Arise), through a company that utilized online workers to support various companies throughout the USA, in May 2007, I bought my first iMac in hopes of a possible position with their client, Apple. I found this amazing beauty on eBay.

Here are the specs that enticed me to my first MAC!

Item Specifics – Apple Desktops 

Product Family:  iMac    Memory (RAM):  2 GB  

 Processor Type:  Intel Core Duo    Hard Drive Capacity:  160 GB  

Processor Speed:  1.8 GHz    Operating System:  Mac OS 10.4, Tiger  

Processor Configuration:  —    Screen Size:  17 inches  

Condition:  Used  

Being a PC enthusiast, in days of yore, I started with a Radio ShackTRS-80 with cassette tape, upgraded to a color IBM PC jr. Then came a long line of computers from Goodwill (a Commodore PET, Commodore 64, a Compaq luggable, HP with a touchscreen) plus many home-built PC clones (286, 386). Yes, I had many machines, but knew nothing about Apple nor it’s Macintosh. Although, I had (or, should say have, in storage) an Apple III, I never understood it.

Living in Cupertino, in Silicon Valley days, with weekend computer shows and nearby Fry’s Electronics, PC’s became my passion. It was daunting to think of productive use of an Apple computer. They were meant for artists, weren’t they? But in 2007, to work for such a grand company – well, I just had to get a MAC (not required for the position). Without knowing any of the hardware basics, what popped out from the listing, was, you guessed it, 65GB of music!

  • Early 2006 Imac Intel
  • 2 Gb Ram
  • Double Layer Super Drive
  • 5 USB Ports
  • Firewire Port
  • Apple Mouse and Keyboard
  • Microsoft Office 2004
  • 65 GB of Music – If you want it left on Computer.
  • Never had a problem with the computer since I bought it.
  • Looks like it’s new
  • Time for me to try a laptop.

iMac Experience Needed Before taking Live Tech Support Calls

Unfortunately, despite Apple’s online training, trying to use a Mac after years of PC experience, was not an easy transition. Most Willow trainees used PC’s during training and continued on using them for their final live tech telephone support qualification day. However, I was so proud to have an amazing semi-new Mac, I decided to use the iMAC for the first calls with customers. Yes, this is despite my limited one-month hands-on experience. We were audited on real customer calls to verify we qualified to work on Apple’s support team. What happened? Calls came in. And more calls. Yikes! Panic. I looked at the keyboard – looked at the screen. Where is everything? Customers needed immediate answers. Internal chat support was not helpful. Later in the tumultuous day of irate customers, I was shattered when I didn’t pass the Apple call support test!

Needless to say, I never ended up working for Apple, through Willow, but I still have that beautiful iMac.

Now, for nostalgic reasons, or maybe because it is still a beautiful machine, I want to learn to use my iMac. I need an Internet browser and many upgrades. I want to learn how to put my old iMac to use. Could it once again become a fully powered MAC again? The music still plays, I think.

Well, I checked YouTube and I may be on the right track. More about it later.

YouTube "Retro Review: 2006 White iMac"
YouTube “Retro Review: 2006 White iMac”

Wow, it looks like eBay has one similar to mine! Using this link is easier than going upstairs to take a picture of mine… please see it here:

Apple iMac 17-inch June 2007 CD 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (MA710LL)

iMac from eBay Apple iMac 17-inch June 2007 CD 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (MA710LL)
iMac from eBay Apple iMac 17-inch June 2007 CD 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (MA710LL)

Please share your MAC stories here! Why do you love your Mac?