“LoveMyMac.COM” Domain Purchased at NameLiquidate! Other Great Domain Names Available

This week I was lucky to find Epic and NameLiquidate! My first domain purchase from them was “LoveMyMac.com“. Such a super domain name! Another PLUS: Domains come with a Free WordPress no-frills blog!

I know little about domains and even less about selling them. In 2004 , I created domains that seemed like jewels, when I worked at GoDaddy, in Scottsdale, Arizona. I didn’t last long in their tech support but I am glad for their training. I still own most domains purchased in those early days. I hope to learn how to sell domains.

I just discovered Epic so have not had a chance to decide where to go with my portfolio as I have not been successful. I am using GoDaddy Auctions and Afternichttps://www.afternic.com/beta2 .

I have sold about 5 or 6 domains in the last 17 years. Not so great. Despite this failure, I continue to be excited about becoming a real domainer. Successful domain sellers are notably tired of folks asking what they think of their domain names. Do I own some good domains.? Well, I am asking, now.

Challenge: Check out Afternic
https://www.afternic.com/beta2 ,

Please let me know if there are any other domains as good as “LoveMyMac.com”.

My Afternic Domains
Afternic/beta2 – Challenge: Any good domains?